PhD and Doctorate

PhD and Doctoral Programmes are the main forms of training for scientific-pedagogical and scientific personnel of the highest qualification. PhD Programme is available both as intramural and extramural.  In Ukraine the PhD degree has been introduced since 2016. PhD Programme lasts four years. During their studies, PhD Students master the humanities (philosophy, foreign language) and special disciplines, the methods of scientific research, and conduct research in the chosen scientific field of the dissertation. At the end of the study period, PhD Students submit the completed work to the defence.

The dissertation is defended according to a new procedure in a one-time specialized council. Applicants then will receive the PhD degree.

Faculty accredited educational and scientific programs in the following Programme Subject Areas:

  • 031 Religious Studies;
  • 033 Philosophy;
  • 052 Politology;
  • 053 Psychology.

PhD entry programmes by following this link:

Doctoral Programme is eligible to people who have PhD, scientific achievements, or published works in the chosen scientific specialty and can conduct basic, exploratory and applied research at a high level. Certification of Doctors of Sciences is carried out in permanent specialized scientific councils.

The faculty has two specialized councils for the defence of doctoral dissertations. More information can be found by following this link: