The Faculty of Philosophy prepares specialists in Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology and Culture Studies at the Bachelor’s, Specialist’s and Master’s Programs. The Faculty includes Departments of History of Philosophy, Philosophy, Psychology, Theory and History of Culture, Political Science, Theory and History of Political Science. The faculty consists of 100 employees, among them 15 professors and doctors of philosophy, over 70 docents and candidates of philosophy.

Students majoring in Philosophytake courses in History of Philosophy, Fundamental Issues of Philosophy and Methodology of Science, Development of Philosophy in Ukraine, History and Theory of Culture, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Culture, Ethics, Esthetics, Logic, Public Speaking, Foreign Languages etc. They can choose to concentrate on History of Philosophy, Ontology, Gnosiology and Phenomenology, Social Philosophy and Philosophy of History. After graduation, students of this major can teach philosophy in high schools, lyceums, colleges, universities, or they can engage in research.

At the major Psychology, students take courses in History of Psychology, General, Social and Age Psychology, Engineering and Clinical Psychology, other psychological disciplines. The Department of Psychology – both full-time and extramural programs – prepare specialists to work in education, healthcare, law enforcement and management. Students can learn skills of psychodiagnostics, psychocorrection and psychotherapy. Future psychologists can choose between the following concentrations: Pedagogical and Age Psychology, Labor and Management Psychology, Clinical Psychology.

Students majoring in Political Science take courses in History and Theory of Political Science, Political Institutions and Processes, Political Culture and Ideology, Political Aspects of International Relations, Contemporary Political Theory and Practice. Students receive fundamental background in Political Science, Philosophy, Foreign Languages, which serves as a springboard in their future career as teachers and researchers, public servants in national and local government institutions, political parties etc. The “Political Science” major has two concentrations: “History and Theory of Political Science” and “Political Institutions and Processes.”

The Culture Studies program offers a cycle of humanitarian and socio-economic disciplines, in addition to them – a number of fundamental and professional disciplines: History and Theory of Culture Studies, History of Ukrainian and World Culture, Philosophy of Culture, History of Ukrainian and World Arts, Ancient Arts, Museum Studies etc. Students majoring in “Culture Studies” may choose from one of the concentrations: “Ethics,” “Religion Studies,” and “Museum Studies.”

The post-graduate department at the Faculty offers programs in 14 specializations, two specialized academic councils operate at the Faculty to award candidate and doctoral degrees in Philosophy and in Political Science, the Faculty’s journal is published under the title “Вісник Львівського національного університету імені Івана Франка: серія філософські науки”.

The Faculty includes methodology and research centers in Philosophy and in Art Studies, it has four student scholarly societies which promote the development of students’ creative and research skills.

The Faculty of Philosophy at the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv is widely known in Ukraine and abroad. This can be attributed to the work of its researchers and alumni who are active participants in the research, education, civic, cultural and socio-political movements of the country. The alumni of the Faculty, due to their profound professional knowledge, are in high demand in many areas of our society.