The First International Forum of Political Scientists in Ukraine took place on January 26-27, 2024

02.02.2024 | 20:44

The First International Forum of Political Scientists in Ukraine was organized by the Center for Political Studies and the Department of Political Science at Lviv University in partnership with the universities from the countries of the Visegrad Group.

👥 Over 120 participants joined the Forum in person, and at least 30 more participated through the Zoom platform. We managed to bring together scholars, researchers and educators from all over Ukraine, as well as from Lithuania, Israel, Czechia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, etc.

🌍 Each discussion panel of the Forum highlighted a specific set of questions related to the establishment, progress and development of Political Science and Practice in the Visegrad Group countries, Ukraine, as well as overall in Europe and even globally. In addition, security systems were discussed, and a particular focus was dedicated to statistical data, including electoral data and how they reflect the dynamics of changes in the internal national situation.

Panel Discussion 1 (January 26) Trends, Innovations and Problems of Political Education and Science in V4 Countries and Ukraine
Workshops (January 26) Creation and Use of Databases on Elections in V4 Countries: Experience for Ukraine
Panel Discussion 2 (January 26) European, Regional and National Security in the Context of the russian-Ukrainian War
Panel Discussion 3 (January 27) The Course and Consequences of Political Transformation in V4 Countries before and after Joining the EU: Experience for Ukraine
Panel Discussion 4 (January 27) Party-Electoral and Institutional Designs in V4/European Countries and Ukraine: Common and Different


🌐 It is extremely important to see and hear colleagues from abroad, especially considering that our country is currently under martial law. Their presence has become evidence that the international community notices Ukraine and that representatives of academic circles in the EU are interested in supporting our educational institutions and research. We are grateful to the experts for their presentations and speeches.

📢 We are pleased that most of the Forum’s audience consisted of our Ukrainian theorists and practitioners in Political Science. Your continuous research activities and dissemination among the public allow us to take a fresh look at all the systemic and socio-political mechanisms undergoing the transformation and modernization of Ukraine, especially since 2014.

🏛️ One of the most significant conclusions and results of the Forum is the realization of the indispensable role of the academic community in the country’s movement towards new heights of development. In addition to further knowledge, exchanging experiences and intense scholarly discussions, we wanted to provide participants with the opportunity for face-to-face communication. The House of Scientists in Lviv added a memorable atmosphere to our event. We hope we managed to meet all the expectations!



The First International Forum of Political Scientists in Ukraine is a part of the project “Innovations in V4 and Ukrainian Political Practice and Science: Pre-War, Wartime and the EU Contexts” within the framework of the “Visegrad+ Grant” (No. 22230095) from the International Visegrad Fund. This project is aimed at uniting political scientists, researchers and practitioners from different countries to study and exchange experience in the field of political science. The results of the project will contribute to the development of education and capacity, the strengthening of professional networks, and support of the mobility of researchers, teachers and practitioners in the field of political science for the exchange of best practices between the countries of Europe and Ukraine, in particular on the path of its modernization, democratization and integration into the European Union.