Faculty Development Strategic Plan for 2020-2024


  • to shape intellectual and innovative potential of the students;
  • to shape attitudinal, professional, socio-political, moral and ethical competencies of the students;
  • to develop educational, social, cultural and artistic environment for the harmonious shaping of the inner world of the students by cultivating a sense of national pride and respect for the Ukrainian history.


  • to guarantee the quality of education and competitiveness for specialists on the labor market;
  • to develop partnerships with Ukrainian and European educational institutions, research institutions and stakeholders;
  • to facilitate the mobility of students and teachers;
  • to cooperate with student government, to involve students in the decision-making process.



  • Work for the Victory of Ukraine!
  • Ensure compliance with education quality standards in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education”.
  • Implement academic mobility programs for teachers and students, their participation in international projects and grants to improve the quality of the educational process
  • Structurally reorganize and open three Psychology departments:

Psychology of personal growth

Psychology of business and management

Rehabilitation and correctional psychology


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