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The department offers Bachelor, Specialist and Master Programs. Graduates of the department receive the qualifications of “Expert in Culture Studies. Teacher of Cultural Disciplines”

The department’s lecturers teach various general courses for students of other faculties of the University, among them “The History of Ukrainian Culture”, “The History of Ukrainian and World Culture”, “Religion Studies”, “Ethics”, and “Aesthetics”. The department has developed the following courses for students who specialize in Cultural Studies: “Foundations of Cultural Studies”, “The History of the Study of Culture”, “History of World Culture”, “History of Ukrainian Culture”, “Morphology of Culture”, “Semiotics of Culture”, “Social Culture Studies”, “Sociology of Culture”, “Philosophy of Culture”, “The Phenomenon of Mass Culture”, “Everyday Culture”, “Intercultural Communication”, “Ecological Culture”, “History of Christianity in Ukraine”, “Biblical Studies”, “Religion Studies”, “History of Religion”, “Philosophy of Religion”, “Philosophy of Culture”, “Christian Ethics”, “The Humanistic Aspects of Modern Ethics”, “Applied Ethics”, “Business Ethics”, “The Philosophy and Methodology of Socio-Humanitarian Cognition”, “Moral Culture of Communications and Etiquette”.


Research areas:

The lecturers of the department have published the following textbooks: lectures on the History of Ukrainian and World Culture (collective monograph, ed. A. Yartys, V. Melnyk, Lviv, 1994 and 2005), The History of Ethical Thought in Ukraine (O. Sinkevych, Lviv, 2000), The Philosophy of Modern Science and Technology (V. Melnyk, E. Semeniuk, Lviv, 2005), Culture from A to Z (V. Stetsenko, Lviv, 2006), Regional Typology of Culture (T. Yaroshenko, Lviv, 2007), Introduction to Cultural Studies (O. Sinkevych, Lviv, 2009), Mythology (O. Darmoriz, Lviv, 2010), Applied Ethics (O. Lishchynska-Mylian, Lviv, 2010), An Encyclopedic Dictionary of Cultural Studies (ed. by V. Melnyk, Lviv, 2010), Religion Studies (A. Yartys, A. Vaskiv, Lviv, 2010), Sociology of Religion (N. Madey, Lviv, 2010), and a number of other books.


Comprehensive sets of methodological resources have been developed for every course and published in the book: “Culturology: Teaching Resources” (Lviv, 2009).


Recently the staff of the department has been actively participating in the department’s research project “Ukrainian spiritual culture in the context of transformational processes”. A student scholalry circle which specializes in cultural studies and publishes the journal “Гілея” is active at the department. Students take part in conferences held at the University, as well as other forums where other universities are also represented. The department offers full-time and part-time postgraduate programs in philosophical anthropology and the philosophy of culture, religion studies, ethics and aesthetics. Since the founding of the department, 27 dissertations have been defended. Graduates of the postgraduate program A. Vaskiv, O. Darmoriz, T. Yaroshenko, O. Lishchynska-Mylian, N. Madey, I. Kolesnyk, N. Lazarovych are now docents and lecturers of the department. Since 1991, five monographs and 12 textbooks which are recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, as well as over 320 articles have been published. In 2002, Вісник Львівського університету: серія релігієзнавчі студії” was initiated. Since 2005, the department has been publishing the journal “Духовність. Культура. Нація ” (Spirituality, Culture, Nation) which is the first in a series of culture studies periodicals that was continued by other publications in the following years. Five volumes of papers have been published.

The members of the department participate in the annual international conference “History of Religion in Ukraine”, international conferences in Warsaw, Liublin, Kyiv, Donetsk, etc. In 2003, the department held the international conference “Spirituality. Culture. Nation”; in 2005, Ukrainian conference “Spiritual Dimensions of European Civilization: Challenges of the 21st century”; in 2008, Ukrainian conference “Spirituality. Culture. Civilization”; in 2010, “Spirituality. Culture. Person.” The department cooperates with the Institute of Ukrainian Studies of the National Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Philosophy of the National Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv, Mykhailo Drahomaniv National Pedagogical University, Ivan Franko University of Drohobych and other educational institutions of the Western region of Ukraine. Common publications are carried out, conferences are held, training of teachers and postgraduate students are organized.


Due to the fruitful collaboration of the department with Ukrainian Catholic University Master Program in Ecumenical Sciences is worked out for students of both universities. Contacts with Warsaw University, Catholic University of Lublin, Wroclaw and Cracow Universities are established. The department includes the educational and methodical study of art history and the laboratory of Ethics and Aesthetics that carry out the study of value orientations of students, characteristics of the youth subculture.

The Center for Religion Studies, established on a voluntary basis, conducts monitoring study of the religious life of population in Lviv Region, examines the specifics of beliefs and activities of traditional and new religious movements, and provides information as well as methodological support of the teaching of religion studies.